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Create, edit, and backup phonebook entries using your PC and stop typing in information using
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16 April 2008

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This application lets one manage all the information held in SIM card of your mobile device. Create, edit, back up the information on your personal computer. Manage the PIN numbers too.

Pros: To star with, you need a smart card reader that can interface with your PC. This application then take care of filling/updating your phonebook on the cell phone without you having to thumb type all the information on the mobile device.

Once the details have been entered, all the facilities of a PC can make your job easier. Manipulate the information, including SMS archive, the way you need to do and do it much more conveniently than on the mobile device. Back up and restore from the PC in case of a lost or stolen mobile device. Information can even be copied onto another SIM of another phone, may be that of a family member! Synchronize contact numbers from Outlook, Lotus notes or Eudora and so on. This can happen both ways and the import/export vehicle is the CSV file.

Since multiple entries can be modified at once, one could change the phone prefix of a group of phone numbers in one operation. This could be very convenient when traveling and you find out you need to change the prefix of all contacts from that country.

The application is Unicode compatible so that even on a local PC set to a different local setting, text will be read and displayed properly.

The user interface is nicely laid out, menus and icons make immediate sense. One does not any learning time. It is very simple to use.

Cons: The application does not have any apparent shortcoming.

Overall: An easy to use and a very useful application, this is a fit candidate for a 5 star rating.

Publisher's description

With SIM Manager, you can easily create, edit, and backup phonebook entries using your PC and stop typing in information using the mobile phone's keypad. Manage your PIN codes, transfer data from one SIM/USIM to another, backup and export/import all phonebook entries using any compatible smart card reader.
SIM Manager is an advanced SIM card management tool, which provides an easy way to organize the address-book of a SIM card, as well as process other data stored on the SIM, such as the SMS archive, the list of fixed dialing numbers, last dialed numbers, etc.
Synchronize contacts between phones within an enterprise, regardless of which carrier different persons use, or which phone brand or model they prefer;
Synchronize the contacts of the SIM card with the contacts stored in the address book of an email client (ex: Outlook, Lotus Notes, Eudora) or a desktop PIM application (ex: Palm Desktop), this is achieved by exporting / importing the data using CSV files;
Backup a SIM card in order to easily restore the data if the card is lost, or if a copy needs to be made;
Update multiple address book entries at once, by adding or removing a phone prefix when traveling from one country to another;
Print out reports that contain the address book entries, and other information that is stored on the SIM;
Change or disable the security codes (PIN1, PIN2), as well as unlock a SIM;
Obtain detailed information about the SIM card, such as the IMSI, ICCID, the ATR, the name of the mobile operator, etc;
SIM card manager is a Unicode application, meaning that it can correctly process names and texts that contain characters other than the ones in the Latin alphabet, regardless of the current regional settings of Windows;
Compatible with GSM, 3G, and Nextel SIM cards.
Dekart SIM Manager
Dekart SIM Manager
Version 2.22
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